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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hair Care Tips for Swimmers

Hair Care Tips for SwimmersIn this hot and humid climate, all one wants is a cool dip in the pool. But for many a trip to the swimming pool also means exposing their hair to harsh conditions like scorching heat and the harmful chlorine. Pool chemicals like chlorine strip natural oils from the hair shafts which lead dry and brittle hair with split ends. Thus, many girls might think twice before enjoying a nice swim, which is one the best way to beat the heat.
There are few things you need to take into account and with proper preventive measures you can protect your hair against damages:-
  • Before you get in the pool, wet your hair with fresh water. With non-chlorinated water, your hair won’t be able to soak-up as much chlorine while swim. And always rinse your hair with clean water after swimming; chlorine in pools will fade the color too.
  • After swimming use a good ‘clarifying’ shampoo, the main ingredient to look for is EDTA. It is like a chemical claw that will remove all the chlorine in the hair.
  • Sunlight causes a chemical reaction in unprotected hair called oxidation, which weakens bonds between hair cells, causing hair to become dull and brittle. Styling creams, pomades, leave-in conditioners, and shine enhancers with sunscreen (look for ingredient octylmethoxycinnamate) can guard hairs by both absorbing and deflecting harmful rays.
  • There is no official SPF for hair yet, and a hair product containing sunscreen doesn’t offer total protection. Your best safeguard is still a hat.
  • When hair is frizzy or damaged, its outer cover, or cuticle, is riddled with lifted or missing sections that allow the hair’s inner cortex to soak up hair-swelling moisture.
  • Make sure you always use styling products with silicone as it smooth down the cuticle, fills in gaps, and keeps moisture out. Such products (look for ‘cone’ ingredients on the label) leave an imperceptible film on the hair and shampoo out easily, so there’s no build-up.
  • Baking soda is a wonderfully inexpensive home remedy. Shampoo as usual, but add one-fourth cup baking soda to your shampoo. Using this mixture once a week can remove water impurities and lighten your hair. Also consider mixing baking soda with hair conditioner in your hand to condition the ends of your hair. It’ll give your hair more volume, body and health.

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the himalyan times
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