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Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting Ready for Studies Abroad

Getting Ready for Studies Abroad             Studying abroad at any level is one of the most worthwhile things you will ever do. Ask anyone from any walk of life—academic, artist, businessperson or civil servant—and if they have had a study abroad experience, they will remember it as an influence in one way or another. But how do you make sure that your study abroad experience is the best it can be? The following tips are aimed at helping you through preparation for going abroad.
            Consider what country you wish to study in. Much of the decision to study abroad is more about the culture and social experience you are likely to have in your destination than it is about classroom considerations. Weigh up what you personally want from the country you are going to study in. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Simple Tips to Save Life of Mobile Battery

Simple Tips to Save Life of Mobile Battery             You need to rush to a meeting but are stuck in a never moving jam. You want to inform your client that you running late for the meeting. You take out your mobile and the battery has died. You again forget to charge your cell phone. Almost all of us must have faced a similar situation. The problem here is not only forgetting to plug in the charger but also being ignorant of the fact that there are certain ways in which you can keep you cell phone's battery last longer.
            Here are few lifesaving -of your cell phone battery-tips-
No Unnecessary Sounds

            Do people really like hearing their phone beep strum a musical note, or chime (key tones) every time they press a button? You might like it, but ask your neighbor. Plus, turning these will save you a good amount of battery juice.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nepal Tourism Year 2011

     Government of Nepal in consultation with Nepalese travel trade sector and concerned organizations/experts decided on October 25, 2008 to launch a national tourism campaign "Nepal Tourism Year 2011". This announcement reflects the government’s anticipation to bring into Nepal at least one million international tourists by the year 2011 and tourism industry’s exigency to organize a tourism promotion campaign for wider impact.