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Monday, January 3, 2011

Simple Tips to Save Life of Mobile Battery

Simple Tips to Save Life of Mobile Battery             You need to rush to a meeting but are stuck in a never moving jam. You want to inform your client that you running late for the meeting. You take out your mobile and the battery has died. You again forget to charge your cell phone. Almost all of us must have faced a similar situation. The problem here is not only forgetting to plug in the charger but also being ignorant of the fact that there are certain ways in which you can keep you cell phone's battery last longer.
            Here are few lifesaving -of your cell phone battery-tips-
No Unnecessary Sounds

            Do people really like hearing their phone beep strum a musical note, or chime (key tones) every time they press a button? You might like it, but ask your neighbor. Plus, turning these will save you a good amount of battery juice.

Not Both
            If you're in a concert or loud party you want to increase your chance of actually realizing your phone is ringing, but other than that, pick one or the other. There's no need to have your ringer all the way to point where it has both the sound and vibrate alerts active.
Decrease Brightness to 50 PC

            Go to the settings menu of your phone and change the LCD brightness. At first, the screen will look dark, but once your eyes have adjusted to it, you'll forget about it. The LCD screen on your phone is one of the biggest (THE Biggest) power hogs on your phone. So turn it down, and you're on your way to a lengthier battery life.
Turn Backlight Setting Down
            Most phones these days will allow you to adjust the amount of time your backlight stays on once you have stopped touching buttons. The default length on most phones is probably around 15-30 seconds, but there are settings that are much lower. Turn this down to 5-10 seconds to increase your battery life. If it starts annoying you, then just crank it back up.
Turn Off Bluetooth
            This can be an easy one to forget about if you are often switching between using a Bluetooth headset, and the phone's ear piece. Turning the Bluetooth off when you are not using it will save your battery from having to go out and check if the headset is there every few seconds. Any type of transmission will weigh-down your battery life, so if you use infrared, turn that off when you are not using it as well.
Unplug It
            There's a common myth that you can over-change your battery if you leave it plugged in. but the fact is once the battery is fully charged, no further charge is applied. So if no further charge is applied, then why do you need to unplug your phone? You want to protect your battery from heat, that's why. When the phone is running off of AC for a long time extended heat may hurt the battery.
Don't Let Battery Fully Discharge
            If you let your battery die frequently, you're putting extra strain on it. Avoid this by plugging in your phone before it dies all the way.
Nothing Fun on your Phone
            If you have fun on your phone, your battery-life will dramatically decrease. Accessing the webs, playing games, navigating via GPS and capturing photos or video are not things to do while you are in the middle of nowhere without a charger.

Article Source:
the himalyan times

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